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Distribución Cranial Loop

Nos es grato anunciar el acuerdo de distribución para Catalunya del cierre craneal Cranial Loop.






• The first 100% PEEK cranial fixation device

Cranial LOOP is the first-ever cranial fixation device totally made of PEEK.

With its small size (12 mm diameter), the 2nd generation of Cranial LOOP is ideal to strongly fix the bone flap through the craniotomy gap, and at the same time minimize the amount of implanted material, particularly in the epidural region.

• Instrument-free

Cranial LOOP is implanted with no additional instruments. Its unique design makes it a self-cutting device. The surgeon totally controls the bone flap fixation, which is achieved through its fast and easy”pull-and-tighten” action. Using three Cranial LOOPs, a standard bone flap is fixed in less than a minute.

• CT / MRI Artifact-free

Cranial LOOP is totally made of PEEK-OPTIMA®. This makes it completely artifact-free in different medical imaging systems, such as X-rays, CT scanning and MRI.

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